Basic River Kayaking

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
4:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Sacramento State Aquatic Center
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Person kayaking

Suggested Prerequisite: Basic Kayaking 

This course is designed to give the adventurous novice kayaker a taste of down river paddling and there is no better place than the lower American River Parkway.  Thousands of people float this calm section of the river each summer making it the perfect playground for beginners to develop sound paddling, navigation and safety skills.  Our ACA certified instructors know just how to make each participant feel confident and safe regardless of their paddling experience...There's just something about the river which creates memories that last a lifetime!

Day 1: River Boat on Lake Natoma

Day 2: River Boat on the Lower American River (Sailor Bar - Rossmoor Bar)  

Note: This course can be done in a standard (sit-on-top) kayak if not comfortable in a river kayak. The length of the paddle may vary depending on weather. 

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