Jesus Barela Gallery Exhibit Reception

Thursday, February 7, 2013
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Exhbit Dates: January 28- February 21, 2013

Reception: Thursday, February 7, 2013, 6 pm- 8 pm (see below for parking information)

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Jesus Barela is an artist, educator, actor, and musician at the Sacramento Community in California.  Barela was born in Ventura, California on October, 7, 1969, but lived part of his childhood in Jalisco, México.  Throughout his academic career, he has been involved in organizations such as the Trio Casindio, a music group fighting for social change.  In this organization during the 90’s, he learned to play guitar and sing Mexican and revolutionary songs, and performed in a “rondalla” directed by the maestro Rudy Carrillo.  Since the “rondalla” is no longer performing, he occasionally plays solo and accompanies poets in performances.  Barela enjoys acting.  He was first involved withTeatro Espejo, a community based theatre group staging plays for the people and by the people directed by Manuel Pickett.  Barela not only acted, but also designed  posters and flyers for the theater department.  Barela’s first performance was in 1989 in the play Actos, Mitos and Romances a bilingual play written by Luis Valdez, founder of Teatro Campesino. Since then he has performed in Roosters(1990) , Severed Roots (1993), The Language of Flowers (1995), Frida (1999) , Taco Heaven (1999, Movie), Las dos Caras del patroncito (2008), Mixtitlan (2008).  While obtaining his bachelor’s degree at CSU, Sacramento, Barela encountered the royal Chicano air force, a coalition of artists established in 1969 at CSU, Sacramento, and became an “Impudent young pilot” in 1989.  During the 9'0s they design and silk printed posters with  Esteban Villa and had group Art shows with older RCAF members like Jose Montoya and Ricardo Favela in La Raza Galleria Posada and The Robert Else Gallery.  Recently Barela graduated in December 2008 from CSU, Sacramento with a Masters Degree in Art Education

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Free parking after 6:30 pm on the 6th floor of Parking Structure III on February 7 only.

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