World Music Guest Artist: Kiandanda Dance Theater

Sunday, April 6, 2014
7:00 PM
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Kiandanda Dance Theater, formerly named Studio Rue Dance, was founded in the fall of 2008. Based in San Francisco and led by artistic director Byb Chanel (pictured), Kiandanda is an international dance company that does work between Africa, Europe and the USA. Every year the company holds workshops and the Nzela Program, as well as the Rue Dance Festival which is held every two years in the Republic of Congo.

Entitled "Taboo and Heroes", this performance explores the situation of the wars that struck the Republic of Congo in the late 1990’s in a multimedia performance, featuring modern and traditional dance, interactive video design and live contemporary music. Taboo and Heroes addresses the reality and consequences of violence and corruption through the specific experiences of Byb Chanel Bibene, a survivor of the wars. Bringing together dance and theater performers, an original music score, set design and video elements, the piece aims to transport the audience into the charged atmosphere of conflict that permeated, and still echoes in everyday life in the Republic of Congo. 
NOTE: This performance features adult content and may not be suitable for children under 18 years of age.
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$15 general, $12 senior, $8 student
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